Unit 3 has been a game changer for me! Over 6 years ago I had injured myself due to my own training programs and possibly over training in commercial gyms. The gym and my health was a core part of my life for many years and not being able to train without unbearable pain in my neck and back killed me.. after spending a tonne of money on many different physio’s all over the country over the years I gave up on my body and that massive part of my life.

After being recommended to try Unit 3 my Girlfriend and I joined a few months before Christmas. Unit 3 brought back mobility into my dysfunctional body, they allowed me to come back into fitness at my own pace which was a slow start! I had no expectations to ever train and lift like I used to.

Over the last 6 months I have really found some great progress and to my excitement recently had an all time high in test week hitting a personal best in my squat and rack-pull. Due to advise on diet and training I have lost over stone nearly back to my goal weight. I Can see myself being stronger and healthier than ever before soon. The trainers are very welcoming and approachable they go above and beyond for their members. The people who go to the gym are all very friendly nobody seems to judge anyone on what level their fitness is.

I highly recommend Unit 3 to all levels of fitness especially recommend to anyone coming from an injury or struggling with any body pain.


Lillie and Gary all have their own area of expertise. Lillie recently helped me get back on track after having my daughter. Niall put me through my paces in boxing classes. Gary and Niall got my back on track after getting married. They have something to suit everyone. It doesn’t matter what level of fitness they cater for it. It improved both my mindset and fitness level and I couldn’t think of a better place to go.

– Sinead

LOVE IT! After going through phases with my fitness, I decided I needed something more consistent and heard Unit 3 was opening . . . so I joined! My nerves were swiftly put at ease, as all three coaches, Lillie, Gary and Niall are so friendly and approachable, but also extremely competent, passionate and motivating! During every class they help you achieve your maximum potential, ensuring correct technique at all times, adequate rest, warm up and cool down time! Now 2 weeks in, I’m enjoying it more and more and can’t wait to see how my overall health and fitness continues to improve! -Eadbald