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U-Box: Not your average boxing class. In U-Box you will be shown the techniques need to box well. A great way to have fun and get fitter with like minded people.
Unit 3 Gym


U-strong is our flagship class: A mixture of strength, mobility, flexibility, conditioning and fun. Looking to get stronger, leaner and feel good over all? Then U-Strong is the class for you.
Unit 3 Gym
Mind & Body


New-U Do you want to get fit and healthy but don’t know where to start. This class is especially for beginners or people returning from injury.
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Unit 3

UNIT 3: Health and Fitness is much more than your typical gym.

We are aiming to provide a very high quality of service to you. This will be through the passion of coaching people to live well. Rather than wandering aimlessly around a gym, not knowing how to use the equipment, we at UNIT 3: Health and Fitness will provide constant supervision and guidance in an approachable and non-intimidating manner.

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Chat to Gary, Lillie and Niall. Three friends who share the same values and philosophies on well-being and who believe that improving your health can lead to noticeable improvements in all the other aspects of your life.